The Charm of Mount Batur Kintamani, a Place to Hunt Sunrise

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The Charm of Mount Batur Kintamani, a Place to Hunt Sunrise
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A vacation in Bali doesn't feel complete if you haven't visited the highlands so you can see natural lakes and volcanic views.

Which is always one of the prima donna pampering the eyes of the tourists.


There are two volcanic attractions in Bali, namely Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Among the two volcanic tourist attractions in Bali, the most popular is the Mount Batur Kintamani tourist spot.

As a very active volcano, it has erupted 26 times, from 1804 until the last one in 2000. The most powerful eruption occurred for more than a month, on August 2, 1926 and ended on September 21, 1926. In 1998 Mount Batur erupted again which caused a new crater which was eventually known as Crater 98.

No less beautiful in the mountain area located in the Kintamani area, Bangli, Bali, there is also a lake with the same name, Lake Batur. This lake is at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level with an area of ​​16 square kilometers with an average depth of 50.8 km.


Kintamani volcano tourist attraction or Mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes. Because of the beautiful view of the caldera and the view of the lake, making Mount Batur Bali is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

They like the cool air of the mountainous area of ​​Mount Batur, plus there is a hot pool which is located close by, making tourists more interested in having a vacation here.

If you want to climb Mount Batur, usually the climb starts at 03:00, so it is estimated that you will reach the peak around 05:30. The sunrise appears around 06:00, where you can already enjoy the sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. Don't forget to capture this rare moment with your personal camera shots.

The best time to see the view of Mount Batur from Penelokan village is around 09:00-12:00. After 12:00 usually the fog starts to fall and slowly covers the view of Mount Batur.


Location Mount Batur is located in the highlands of Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. It takes about 2 hours by motorized vehicle from Ngurah Rai Airport.

It is proven that Bali is not only its culture and beautiful beaches, but also has amazing natural scenery.

Amazing is not the charm and beauty of the charm of Mount Batur. (NN)


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